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Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show 201702-03-2018 - 13:22

6 Gunnarlunda horses qualified for the swedish Young Horse Championship!


Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show 2017!

What a week!

6 Gunnarlunda dressage horses qualified for the swedish Young Horse Championship!

4-Year old Championship semifinals:

Fidelito (Approved Stallion By: Fidertanz / Blue Hors Don Romantic)

4th. place with 87,2%

Conde Nord (Approved stallion By: Charmeur / Hohenstein)

6th. place with 83%


4-year old Championship Finals:

Fidelito 3rd. place with 82%

5-year old Championship semifinals:

Gammelenggårds Zappa (Approved stallion By: Zonik / Akinos)

1st place - Winner with 81,4%

Rush On (Gelding By: Rodkefeller / Strohmann)

7th. place with 72,6%


5-year old Championship finals:

Gammelenggårds Zappa 1st, place  -winner with 81,6%

Rush On 4th. place with 77%


6-year old Championship semifinals:

Amplemento (gelding by: Ampere / Sir Oldenburger)

2nd.place - with 86,2%


6-year old Championship finals:

Amplemento 1st. place - winner with 85,6%


7-year old Championship semifinals:

Mögelbjergs Romeo (Gelding by: Blue Hors Rush Hour / Blue Hors Don Romantic)

3rd. place with 68,88%


7-year old Champiionship finals:

Mögelbjergs Romeo 2nd. place with 69,78%

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