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Falsterbo Horseshow 201728-08-2017 - 12:51

What a week !!!

Falsterbo Horseshow 2017!

What a week!

All the horses from Gunnarlunda sparkled, like the stars they are and carried themselves exemplarily!


Conde Nord 1347 & Jacob Nörby Sörensen

(2013 stallion by Charmör/Hohenstein)

Competed in Folksam Open 4-year old

semifinals:78,7% 2nd place

Finals: 82,8% 3rd place


Gammelenggårds Zappa 1326 & Jacob

(2012 stallion by Zonic / Akinos)

Competed in Folksam Open 5-year old

Semifinals: 75,55% 3rd place

Finals: 71,97% 5th place


Amplemento & Jacob

(2011 gelding by Ampere / Sir Oldenburger)

Competed in Folksam OPen 6-year old

Semifinals: 73,95% 3rd place

Finals: 72,47% 2nd place


Rush On & Jacob

(2012 gelding by Rockefeller/Strohman)

Competed in Folksam Open 5-year old


Feldnoble & Johanna Forssell

(2012 mare by Sir Donnerhall / Bergamon)

Competed in Folksam Open 5-year old


Starstruck & Olivia Åhman

(2012 gelding by Heslegårds RUbin / Bellini)

Competed in Folksam Open 5-year old


Heide Tanzerin & Camilla Hult

(2012 mare by Ampere / Dimaggio)

Competed in Folksam OPen 5-year old


Mögelbjergs Romeo & Jacob

(2010 by Blue Hors Rush Hour / Blue Hors Don Romantic)

Competed in Folksam Open 7-year old


San Droneur & Jacob

(2011 gelding by San AMour / De Noir)

Had also qualified for the 6-year old. But he stayedat home, so han can be, at his very best and top notch for Ermelo at the YHWC in a couple of weeks - keep your fingers crossed.. :o)


A awesome week at Falsterbo Horseshow!

We are proud of all the amazing horsesand riders.


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